Innocent Cat Girl Cosplayer Wanted To Prove To Her Discord Friends That She Could Be Naughty. She Uploaded This Masturbation Video.

This is the teenage girl named Kitty who was known for being innocent and shy among her friends. Her classmates often teased her for being too cute and introverted to ever have a boyfriend.

Feeling frustrated with the constant teasing and lack of understanding from her friends, Kitty decided to take matters into her own hands. She began secretly creating a Playbunny channel where she could explore herself and showcase her talents.

One day, while her friends were hanging out together on a Discord group chat, they jokingly challenged Kitty to upload a thirst trap tiktok of herself sucking a lollipop. Kitty decided to use this opportunity to surprise her friends and prove them wrong with one step further.

She recorded herself fucking a thick dildo, her buttplug tail deep inside her. She watched it after proudly and uploaded it to the Discord channel. Her friends were shocked but unexpectedly were impressed by her body and confidence.

After seeing the video, they apologized for their previous teasing and encouraged her to continue pursuing her passion for porn.

Feeling more confident and empowered than ever before, Kitty decides to keep creating videos and begins to gain a following online. Kitty grew more self-assured, and her friends valued her for who she was, and she no longer felt the need to prove herself to them; but they did watch her every night.

Kitty’s Playbunny channel began to take off and soon she had thousands of followers from all over the world. Her friends were amazed by her popularity and proud of her for following her dreams. She started to realize that online, people valued her pretty, pink pussy and that she was very proud of the way she makes people feel. Flaunting her slutty side gave her the assurance that she could have any boy she wanted.

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