Pet Catgirl Performs For Masters Headpats And Milk. Catgirl Licks Up Cum.

As her master walked into the room, the seductive pet catgirl couldn’t help but purr with excitement. She had been waiting all day for this moment, when she could finally show off her tricks and earn the attention of her beloved master.

With a sly grin, she began to roll around on the floor, twirling and tumbling in a dire effort to impress her master. She could see the delight in his eyes as he watched her graceful movements, and it only made her purr louder; the thought exciting her further.

As she finished her performance, her master rewarded her with a series of headpats, scratching behind her white cat ears and along her fluffy white tail. It was a relatively small gesture, but it meant the world to the catgirl, who couldn’t get enough of her master’s attention.

But even as she basked in the glow of her master’s affection, the catgirl found herself craving more. She wanted to please her master in any way she could, to prove her loyalty and the devotion she felt. And so, she began to beg, her eyes widened, fixed on the treat that lay just out of reach.

Her master, understanding her needs, unbuckled his belt and removed his pulsing cock, which she eagerly snatched up in between her lips. She sucked contentedly, savoring the taste and texture of the tasty treat. But even as she enjoyed her earned reward, the catgirl couldn’t help but want more.

She meowed and mewled, her eyes fixed on her master’s face as she begged for something even more delicious: masters milk. She had heard that it was the ultimate treat for a good cat, and she longed to experience the creamy, soothing drink for herself.

Her master, seeing the pleading look in her eyes, relented and filled her mouth with milk. The catgirl lapped at it eagerly, softly purring in delight as she savored the rich, salty flavor.

And as she finished the last drop, the catgirl knew that she had finally found the happiness she had been seeking. She had pleased her master, earning his love and affection, and in return, she had been rewarded with the ultimate treat. It was a perfect cycle of love and devotion, one that the catgirl knew would last a lifetime.

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