Young Pet Girl Gagged And Oiled For Masters Entertainment. (Anal Play)

There was a desperate pet girl named Luna. She was a beautiful, sleek feline with shining black ears and bright blue eyes. She lived with her loving owner, whom she adored more than anything in the world.
Luna was a very attention-seeking cat, and would do anything to gain her owner’s affection. She would stuff her mouth with toys and pretend that her master was to blame, just to make her owner cum. She would roll around in oil, coating herself in a shiny layer of lubricant, just to be petted and praised for her shiny coat.

Despite all of her efforts, Luna’s owner was often too busy to give her the attention she craved. Luna was heartbroken, and didn’t understand why her owner didn’t love her as much as she loved them. She became increasingly desperate, and her antics became more and more extreme.

One day, Luna’s owner came home to find her sitting in a puddle of cum, covered from head to toe in oil. She had rolled around in the shiny liquid, trying to make herself look as wild and interesting as possible, in hopes of finally capturing her owner’s attention.

Her owner was shocked but excited at the sight of Luna covered in shine and gagged, but as they looked into her pleading blue eyes, they realized how much she had been lusting inside. They took her in their arms and promised her that they would never neglect her again. From then on, Luna’s owner made sure to spend quality time with her every day, giving her all the sex and affection she deserved.

Luna was overjoyed, her pussy filled with the warmth of her owner’s cock. She never again felt the desperate longing for attention that she had before, and instead basked in the happiness of finally being truly fucked.

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